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Brand: Specialized

All Condition Armadillo Elite

700x28c - 700x30c

109 AZN

Ex Tax: 109 AZN

The All Condition Armadillo Elite is the most flat-resistant tire available. Impressively though, it has performance characteristics that far exceed many competitor's race tires. We've given it a tread pattern that offers excellent all-weather traction, and newly-sourced materials for the best punct..


Brand: Specialized

Crossroads Reflect


69 AZN

Ex Tax: 69 AZN

Whether it's on your mountain or around-town bike, the Crossroads Reflect tire is ready for the rigors of everyday life. And with Flak Jacket flat protection, a rugged casing, and a smooth-rolling tread, you'll get around town easily without worrying about flats or traction on parkways and cobbles. ..

Brand: Specialized



69 AZN

Ex Tax: 69 AZN

The Fast Trak Control 2Bliss Ready T5 has become synonymous with fast and lightweight tires that are able to handle the most technical courses and the most grueling conditions. This model redefines what was thought possible with a cross-country tread design. Our Block-In-Block design uses a taller a..

Brand: Continental

Grand Prix 5000

continental tires

129 AZN

Ex Tax: 129 AZN

Black Chili - a unique tread compound, produced only in Germany, that's answered the eternal question of the best balance of grip and Rolling resistance for cyclingActive comfort technology - Embedded technology in the tire construction that absorbs vibrations and smoothens your rideLaser grip - las..

Brand: Specialized



99 AZN

Ex Tax: 99 AZN

Compound: GRIPTON® T7.27.5 x 2.35", PSI 25-50, approximate weight 800g.27.5 x 2.6", PSI 25-50, approximate weight 850g.27.5 x 3.0", PSI 25-50, approximate weight 1050g.29 x 2.2", PSI 25-50, approximate weight 820g29 x 2.35", PSI 25-50, approximate weight 870g...


Brand: Specialized

Ground Control Sport


59 AZN

Ex Tax: 59 AZN

The Ground Control Sport uses an extremely versatile tread pattern which can be used from cross country race to trail, it rolls fast with exceptional amounts of confidence and grip. Our Block-In-Block design uses a taller adaptable inner block to pierce the ground and claw for traction. The larger o..

Brand: Specialized

Hillbilly Grid Gravity 2Bliss Ready T9


119 AZN

Ex Tax: 119 AZN

The Hillbilly Tread pattern is the perfect tire for intermediate to soft terrain. The small blocks penetrate the ground and better connect you to the trail. Small surface center knobs also increase the load on the ground and help surface penetration, while the shoulder knob row provides support in f..


Brand: Specialized

Infinity Sport Reflect

700x32c - 700x35c - 700x38c - 700x42c

69 AZN

Ex Tax: 69 AZN

The Infinity Sport Reflect tire is a long wearing, incredibly durable tire that's ideally suited for commuting, trekking, and street use. The deep recessed tread provides excellent traction through water and debris, while the rounded profile ensures stable, predictable handling in corners. It also f..

Brand: Kenda


Aptor 27.5 x 1.95"

39 AZN

Ex Tax: 39 AZN

Ölçü27.5 x 1.95"..

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