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L YOUR TYRE is a liquid sealant for tears and punctures up to 6 mm. It is suitable for repairs or as preventative emergency protection for inner tubes and tubeless systems. It should be renewed every six months. SEAL YOUR TYRE’s special feature is its CO2 compatibility, enabling your tyres to also be filled with CO2.

Here’s how it works:

1. Remove the valve core of the tyre and the bottle cap.

2. Press the bottle shut with one finger.

3. Shake it well and then immediately begin filling the tyre through the valve. The valve must be positioned at »8 o’clock«.

4. Squeeze the bottle to fill the tyre with the desired amount of sealant.

5. Reinsert the valve core and pump up the tyre.

6. Rotate and shake the wheel back and forth sideways to distribute the sealant.

125 ml are sufficient for one to two mountain bike tyres: 60 ml for each XC/AM bike tyre, 125 ml for each enduro and downhill bike tyre.

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